Stephen (Steve) Bronstein

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy my website. This is where I write about my various interests: data science & analytics, product & engineering management, drones, internet of things/home automation, quantified self.

Who am I & Why “In Theory?”

I love theories, concepts, ideas – our modern world couldn’t exist without them. What really excites me, though, is helping to make those ideas or concepts real, and validating those theories against the world using data. Professionally, I’ve done this in a number of different ways, including leading efforts to scale operations via people, process, and/or technology, leading software development teams, and driving data analytics initiatives.

Right now, I am building out an analytics & data science function at Fuze, a provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Previously, I was the COO of IODA, a digital music distributor for independent labels, acquired by Sony Music in 2009. Back in the dotcom days, I was the founder and COO of an early web-hosting company, which was acquired by another dotcom company.

I live in the Boston area with my wife Lindsay, our 2-year-old son Arlo, and our cat Mignie.